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Would You Consider Going Alone…

…to the concert? I have this dilemma that I really want to see some metal band, which rather soon will arrive to the city. Clearly, I really want to go. The only challenge is that I have no company. I have many friends and acquaintances with whom I can go for a drink, visit a museum, and watch a theater performance. However, I’m totally by myself, when it comes to heavy music. None nearby share my music interests. This means I have no company to go to the concert with. At the moment, there are 2 options: 1. Not to go, and 2. To go alone.

To skip the show completely would be a shame. To go alone – too. I have just recently discussed this topic with a friend of mine. For instance, it is totally normal to go for a drink or to the concert by yourself here in Finland. In Finnish culture, it is not considered as anything shameful. Basically, you want and you go. I’m from the culture, where doing entertainment activities on your own is considered strange. It’s the sign that you don’t have friends, and you are a weird person.

I would totally be fine to go alone to the concert in another city, where I don’t know anyone. I would not be stressed at all. I would totally enjoy my time, and very possibly meet new people, who share my interests. To go to the concert alone in the city, where I know the half of population (exaggerating a bit), is humiliating.

So, just to share what I have on my heart πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Would You Consider Going Alone…

  1. I started going to classical music concerts on my own once when my husband had a bad cough and couldn’t come, but he wasn’t keen on going to many concerts anyway. So then I decided to book all the concerts I wanted to hear in the season and get my discount – with our orchestra in the nearby town, a bus ride away. Lots of people go by themselves. We’re all there to listen to the music and once you sit down it’s okay, you can’t talk during the concert, but you are with strangers who share a love of music – as long as you aren’t alone in an empty row!
    But of course this is not quite the same as an evening out with friends or family when you have dinner at a restaurant and then go to the theatre or concert hall and talk about it afterwards.
    Yes go, you will be with other people who love the music.

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  2. Please do go. I think you will regret it if you don’t. I was an expat, from England, living in Germany for some years so a lot of times I went out by myself when work colleagues/friends couldn’t go or at the beginning when I knew no one. I went dancing and socialised when I got there, went for solitary walks, sat at restaurant tables just by myself… I don’t think it looks odd. When I returned to England I went to see live music by myself and chatted with whoever was there at the time. All the best Elena, Faith xo

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  3. Please do go. Break the barriers, help others like you, break it too. It’s actually fun to do some things alone, it’s just our social conditioning which makes us think otherwise. Looking forward to reading about your experience! 😊

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