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Make-up or Breakfast

Unfortunately, I hardly have any breakfast. Yes, I know that it’s vital, but… I wake up at 6 a m every morning, and still I’m pretty much in a rush. I have a quick shower, drink a cup of coffee, and… I do makeup. I can’t even say that it’s a dilemma – makeup or breakfast. It’s a clear choice for me – I can’t show up in public without makeup. For me, it’s the same as being naked in the crowd.

What would you choose?


11 thoughts on “Make-up or Breakfast

  1. My husband likes my face naked. I never go anywhere without my face. I am like you if you don’t have an “Iris Spring face,” palest of the pale and pore less too then I like my eye makeup. I am with you!

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  2. Not being female I couldn’t say. But if putting on your make-up makes you feel better and ready to take on the day, then I say good for you. But, I am sure you are beautiful without make-up.

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