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My relationship with scents is very special because of my sensitivity. I feel each perfume more than a regular person. This clearly has two sides, I can hear all the notes of the fragrance and enjoy it or… I can become sick, if the perfume is not to my taste.

What is really interesting, my liking of a person depends on if I like his/her perfume or not. Yes, it can be some expensive fragrance, but if it doesn’t resonate, it’s a turn off. On the opposite, people who use the perfume, which I find very pleasant, are so dear. Even strangers feel like some family members, someone whom I can trust and open up myself.

There’s also the third category – people who don’t use any perfume. With this category, I feel like I can’t get the full picture, something is missing, the puzzle is not complete, as if a part of identity (in my world) is missing.

I also react strongly, if a person that I know changes the perfume. It’s shocking. I immediately get the alert that there’s some missmatch, that as if there is a new person in front of me.

What about myself, using perfume? I love particular scents, and I use them even if I do groceries. It’s a part of the outfit. Without a perfume, I feel naked. Although I expect other people to use the same fragrance through the lifespan (I’m exaggerating, of course), I’m still searching for my perfume. Of course, there are scents which I like a lot, but I just can’t use them forever. I need a change. Also, scents bring me a lot of memories. If I was using a nice perfume during trouble moments in life, I don’t want to use it when I am fine. I don’t want those memories to occur. So, my search is still going on.

What’s your relationship with perfume?


2 thoughts on “Perfume

  1. So interesting, perfume. I used to have signature smells until I got into wine. Perfume interferes with the aromas of wine so you are not supposed to wear any at tastings. Perfume, lotions with smell are all not allowed at professional wine tastings. So, I did not wear any for many years while working with wine. Now I do again but am still looking for a scent I really love. Also good perfumes are too expensive!
    My mother was a nose for a scent company. They help develop new scents.
    They say that women are better at detecting the nuances of scent.
    There is a movie, Perfume The Story of a Murderer which is very good, though the book it is based on is even better. Check it out if you have not read/seen it.

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    1. There are many occupations indeed, where you are not allowed to have any scents on.
      Has your perfume preference changed after the break?
      I think it’s worth investing in an expensive perfume. The good thing is that the bottle last for a while.
      Yes, I watched that movie, really impressive. Still, need to check the book though.


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