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Juhannus or Midsummer is a traditional celebration in Finland. People go to the cottage, grill all kinds of meat and vegetables, sail or in other words take it easy and enjoy nature and food. What a perfect plan for the longest summer day!

However, there’s one thing, which could be frustrating. It’s the weather. Actually, Juhannus is famous for its bad weather. There was a year, when it was colder on midsummer than it was on the Christmas day. What a turn!

This year was exceptionally great! It was +26C, sun, no wind. My friend invited me over for the grill. We cooked sausages, pork, and vegetables. New potatoes are a must!

After the dinner, we headed to the city center for a drink. It was quite an experience, since many people were in the condition, when they’d better go to sleep. Clearly, some funny conversations occurred, but everyone was still peaceful and friendly.

The next day we went to the spa. All in all, it was a nice and relaxing Midsummer as it should be.


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