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In some way continuing the previous post…

Since I need to go to bed early, I have difficulties to fall asleep. In addition, I have a lot of insecurities regarding the future, which are constantly on my mind. Moreover, the current mess in the world does not give a pleasant perspective either. As you can imagine, my sleeping is far from being ideal, of course, not without a reason.

This not a new thing, and I manage it as much as I can. I don’t believe in paranormal activity, spiritual stuff, meditation, etc. But I was always attracted to the idea of a Dreamcatcher. Why? I don’t know. In my mind, it is the sign of safety and security, which I lack so much. I wanted to get it for such a long time, but I could not find any. Like always, I was very specific to what I want. I wanted it to be totally white and of a particular size.

For a long time, no luck. Finally, this Sunday, I accidentally found it in the shopping mall that I visited million times before. Finally, something so dear and special is in my possession ❤️

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