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A Night Person

We all know that there are morning and night people, meaning that the most productive hours are either in the morning or in the evening. The discussion about it goes on for many decades.

It’s great to have a work place, where you are flexible to pick up your own pace, rythm, and working hours. But how many of us have these luxury? Yes, it’s a human nature to adapt, and we are doing it well.

I’m an evening person. I have much more energy and drive in the second part of the day. I have clear thinking, I am sharp, and I am efficient. Yes, it is also applicable for the first part of the day, but the scale of it is different. I’m just slower in the morning.

I try to organise things that way that I focus on different tasks, depending on the concentration level that they require. Mostly, I am successful with it. However, there is one problem, which I can’t solve still. I am just not sleepy in the evening, when I need to go to bed. My inner clock tells me it’s to early to sleep. As follows, I fall asleep later than I should, and I wake up with difficulties.

Hopefully, I will adjust my sleep schedule in the end. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Night Person

  1. Hello Ms. Elena. Good post. I have heard that it is not advisable to change one´s natural sleep schedule. It is detrimental to our well being. I too am a night person and have arranged my life accordingly. Forgive me for the correction, but it too early is correct. To and too are often confused in English. I teach ESL English and the difference between to, too, and two is one of my pet peeves.
    Keep up the good work!

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