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Extreme Temperatures. Cold.

In the previous post, I wrote about the heat wave in Portugal in 2017. This time, I want to switch to the opposite phenomenon – coldness. So, what was the coldest weather I experienced?

I’ll start with the location. Yes, your stereotypes are right. It happened in Tver (close to Moscow), Russia, which which is far not the coldest place in the country. It was winter 2007/2008, when the thermometer reached the point of -36C. Once again, I want to repeat that it’s too cold for that town, which immediately means that people are not that prepared for this. I was not exception.

The worst part of it was commuting to the university. Yes, work and universities were not cancelled. Here, I need to explain the Russian issue. Your absence from work/university is allowed only if it’s death, your own death. Otherwise, you have to be there, you can’t just email and say that you feel bad today and stay at home instead. The weather is totally off the excuse list. This meant that I needed to commute somehow to the university. On that day, the public transport was malfunctioning. Engines simply did not start. I had to wait for a bus to come. Not the most pleasant experience, I have to say, especially for me, since I hate cold.

The second challenge was to stay in the classroom. You can imagine the quality of the building of the state university in a province town. In Russia. No more explanation are needed. Inside the classroom, the temperature was +3C. As follows, we were in our coats indoors, too.

On the way back from the university, we ran from the shop to the shop to get some warmth. Although the temperature was the same, it felt unbearably cold.

Now, I would just stay home and took care of myself. Just remember that your safety and health are the absolute priority! ❤️

What was the coldest temperature you experienced?

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