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Extreme Temperatures. Warm.

I want to write about extreme temperatures I have experienced in my life.


The warmest weather I have witnessed was in Portugal in 2017. That was a terrible heat wave without any break and a chance to rain. There were fires in the country. It was +43C. Swimming in the ocean was a good solution, while staying at the beach was equal to a suicide. I was travelling than. Bad access to conditioners, luckily a lot of cold water to drink. I went to a bathroom every hour to literally poor cold water on me, like taking a shower. I did not wipe the water away to stay refreshed as long as possible, which was around 5 minutes. All my clothes was almost instantly dry. Once, I got really over heated, but luckily, no need for a doctor visit.

I visited Coimbra, when the temperature was around 42 C. The sun was up, but it was foggy. For a moment, I thought that this is a strange nature thing. However, it was more sad and dramatic. That was smoke from the fires around. It was a silent hill experience. The worst thing is that that fire took people’s lifes…

It’s not cloudy on the picture, the sky is covered with smoke…

The next post will be about the coldest weather I was challenged with.

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