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Lockdown 2020

Now, people start coming to offices again. At least in Finland. I decided to reflect on my personal experience from the last year, when it was less social.

1. It was positive for my own budget. No chance to meet friends for a coffee or a drink – money saved. Also, I limited my visits to the shop, since I didn’t want to be in any place of potential danger. Thus, my shopping was mainly related to the most important stuff, which I managed to carry home.

2. I was not in the best mode in general. I got used to be a social butterfly, but I had some tough things in my life. These things were exhausting and tiring. I was only happy to stay away from people for a while. I did need that time on my own.

3. I never thought that going the shop can be so exciting. When nothing happened in my life, groceries got a new meaning. What an entertainment it was.

4. No rush hours and traffic jams. The roads and bussed were almost empty.

5. I remember how people were jumping away from each other when they happened to meet on a narrow path in the walking route.

What a strange time, which will bring a lot of inspiration for books and movies to upcoming generations.

3 thoughts on “Lockdown 2020

  1. I remember when we had lockdown, I still had to come into work every day. Which was stupid, because since restaurants were closed, I couldn’t do my normal work. I had to sit and read through public health articles online.

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  2. well, our latest lockdown ended today! melbourne is the most locked down city in the world – like well over 250 days. They waited for the vaccine rates to get to a certain level. now we are reopening with the most daily cases we;ve had ever. however, far far fewer in hospital. half what we had last year, yet three times the cases. We hope now this is our last. only hope. here’s to a hopefully better 2022!


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