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I Miss Sochi. Part 4.

Another place in lovely Sochi, which is worth attention, is Krasnaya Polyana. It is located up in the Caucasus mountains, and it attracts a lot of tourists both in summer and in winter. In a warmer season, you can enjoy the incredible green views from above, and in a colder one, you can experience winter kinds of sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Personally I have not had a chance to see Krasnaya Polyana in winter yet, but I was very lucky to be there many times in summer.


This place has changed a lot from the one I remember in my childhood. There are a large number of hotels built in the premises (“downstairs”), and because of the architecture of some hotels you might wonder if you are in Sochi or somewhere in the Alpes.

In order to get to the very top of the area, you should take a funicular with 2 changes. All the equipment is new, and it makes the journey very comfortable, of course if you are not afraid of the height πŸ˜‰ . The highest point you can reach is 2320 meters. And if it is really hot is the lower area, from 32 to 40 something degrees C depending on the month, the situation is the opposite up there, only +8 or +10. A warm sweater and proper shoes are needed, so that you can enjoy a breath-taking view and fresh air.

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