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I miss Soch. Part 3.

Russia is the biggest country in the world (territory, not population), but if you ask a foreigner to name Russian cities, they will be limited to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, sometimes Vladivostok and Kazan. Nowadays, there is one southern city which also got on the list due to winter Olympics in 2014- Sochi.

Being the most southern and warmest city in cold Russia, Sochi became the capital of Winter Olympic Games. There were a lot of discussions, how it is even possible to have Winter Games in the south. The other category of people were simply surprised that there is a piece of land in Russia, located in subtropics. This was already 2 years ago, but how does the Olympic Park looks now? What is happening there? Is it still used or all the facilities are abandoned?


The Olympic Park is thoroughly taken care of, it is neat and clean. In the ice hall, there are hockey games and figure-skating performances. In summer, the ice show under name Carmen (I recommend!) with Russian top skaters was running almost every evening, and it was almost always fully booked.


The area itself is kept for Formula 1, which is also not that typical for the country. The signs of Formula are everywhere around in the premises.

Among the Olympic buildings and Formula 1 tracks, there are a couple of car museums. I attended the one, which exhibited Soviet Union cars. There you can see the cars from early Soviet Union time up to latest Lada models of the epoch.

Overall impression from the park was excellent, it looked neat and fresh; the staff was friendly and helpful. It was pretty easy to go from the city center to the park by train, which was very cosy and modern:


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