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I Miss Sochi. Part 2

‘As I already wrote before, in late August I went to the capital of the Winter Olympic Games 2014 or simply my home, Sochi. As soon as the plane landed, I rushed out of the terminal to meet my parents who were waiting for me. I should say, it is completely different feeling when live in the same city with your parents. Then, you always have a possibility to drop to there place, but for some reason you either too busy or don’t have energy. It is completely the opposite when you are miles away from them. The same people become even more important and dear to you than ever before. Distance does not separate people, it brings them close and makes appreciate every second spent together.


Distance makes you miss your parents, the nature, native surroundings. I remember when I was a child and then a teenager, I was constantly complaining how hot it is in Sochi. Unbearably hot! I was irritated by the burning sun which was always shining, by heat even at night, and I did not express any attraction to the warm sea. Now, I can hardly believe it. How could I feel that way? When I am so far in the north, Sochi does not seem a torture or punishment, it turned to paradise with its palms, gentle sea, neverending sun. I am happy that I can come to enjoy it, not that often unfortunately, but still I am so grateful.’

On the bridge over the mountain river

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