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I miss…

Sochi (Russia). For this reason, I am copy-pasting the post I wrote in 2015. That is the year, when I was in Sochi the last time. Since I had only 200 follows back than, this text will be new to many of you:

‘When I was back from Norway to Turku, I had 12 hours to prepare for my next trip from the northern point of Europe to the southern – to Sochi, Russia. Why Sochi? Because it is my home, which I miss so badly. I miss the sun, warmth, great southern food, and most of all I miss the Caucasus mountains and Black Sea.

I got used to travel to that place taking train from Moscow. There are different kinds of trains going in that direction, some are cheaper and it takes 36 – 40 hours, or you can go by a more expensive option, and this trip takes only (!) 25 hours. I really recommend you to make such a trip at some point of your life. 🙂

Of course, it is always possible to fly there, and it will save much time, but I did not have courage to do it until this summer…  Unfortunately, flying is not the safest way of transportation in Russia, and I stayed away from it as long as possible.This year I simply was time limited and could not enjoy both ways trip with the total length in 76 hours of transportation (from Turku to Sochi and back), so I booked the plane tickets. The price for plane tickets was basically the same as for train, and flying was way quicker. I was flying from Helsinki to Sochi and back by the Russian air company, the oldest one in the country. I tell you honestly, I had rather low expectations after using other European companies. And.. it turned out to be one of the best services I experienced in the air. In addition, the staff was very friendly and helpful, they were professional,  and the main issue –  it was a safe trip! I was very pleased with the journey. :)’

This is Part 1. To be continued…

4 thoughts on “I miss…

  1. So cool. I would love to visit some cities in Russia. Because I love the architecture of several cities, would be a dream come true.
    Looking forward to read the next part. 😀
    Have a great weekend.

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