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Eurovision Night

It was a long night with many interesting entries, and we know now who is the winner!

I would like to introduce my top 3 artists:

1. Finland!!! My second home land, dear Finland. Like I have already written, I prefer rock music. More than that, this very preference brought me to this country. The choice is clear. Great music, provocative lyrics. This is exactly the type of entry we, rock fans, expect from Finland.

2. Ukraine. Different, ethnic, modern. It was hypnotic and captivating.

3. Mother Russia. The Tajik lady Manizha made the most Russian performance ever! Profound message, strong voice, and incredible energy.

This is the first time in a while, when I am not disappointed with the winner! If Finland was the second preferred by the audience, Italy took the first place. Great job!!! Congrats Italy! Rock is alive indeed ❤️

P.S. anyone watched? What’s your favourite entry?

6 thoughts on “Eurovision Night

  1. I liked the Ukraine and Italy entries, and one or two others. So nice to see Eurovision back with people in the venue as well. I have watched this every year for a long time. For the last few years my daughter and me have had a textathon so we’re sort of watching it together despite the miles apart.

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  2. ive seen snippets but right now am listening/watching it as I read and write blog posts. I worked 23+ hours on the weekend so didnt have a chance to see it yet. Although I’ve heard the winning song which i wasnt so keen on. but rarely is the winner my favourite, very rarely.

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