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Down-to-earth Post

Hello everyone! Here in Finland, the weather has been amazing for several days. It’s summer, which will not last for too long. The sun and warmth always give me extra energy, energy to think and do.

The last a couple of years were quite massy. All my perfect well-calculated life plans got smashed by unpredictable reality. I had times of being lost and devastated.

Gradually, things got stable. At least, for now. I know I have capacity to restore things back. But do I want it? Do I want to do the same things as before? Am I still interested in the same lifestyle as before?

I doubt. It looks like I need to create a new life. It is possible, and it is doable. But where to start from? Which ‘room’ do I need to renovate first?

The first step I gonna take is reviewing stuff in my apartment, each corner, each piece of clothes, each paper. I will review my eating habits and the circle of friends. In the end, psychological hygiene is equally important. After that? I don’t know yet. One step at a time.

Have a lovely sunny day! 🌞

5 thoughts on “Down-to-earth Post

  1. I am so happy to hear from you. Good luck on your “do over”. Remember that there are a lot of us in your WordPress family that really love your words, your photos and your thoughts. Wishing you all the best.


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