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Music is My Everything

I listen to music all the time, unless I am at work. I have my headset on in the shop, in the bus, train, while I go for a walk, and even when I am at home. I can’t stand the silence. I am afraid of silence.

What kind of music? It fully depends on my mood. The music I listen to always reflects how I feel. Generally, I prefer something heavy, particularly, industrial metal. There are modes, when I am totally addicted to the 80s music. I love the melody and authenticity of those times. I also like soul music for being so deep. Sometimes, I listen to trans and house. Of course, I was hooked on Latino music, when I lived in Portugal.

Clearly, not every song resonates with me. I fall for the melody and meaning. I always listen to the lyrics. If I hear something, which reflects how I feel, the song goes on repeat.

What kind of music do you listen to? How do you pick up the songs for your playlist?

5 thoughts on “Music is My Everything

  1. I love classical, folk, swing and jazz and all sorts, but only indoors. I have never got into having my ears plugged into music, podcasts or whatever it is people listen to when they’re out jogging. But in the kitchen or doing housework I like something lively to energise me! Sitting relaxing I enjoy something a little deeper.


  2. I don’t have much time at the moment to listen to much music. I need to concentrate on work rather than singing or whistling along, but louder, heavier stuff has helped with housework. I do tend to listen to much older music now, things from my younger days and older. I have no time for the up to date popular stuff which rams our charts with tuneless sameness. But music is a very personal thing. Everyone gets something different out of it.


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