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Music is My Everything

I listen to music all the time, unless I am at work. I have my headset on in the shop, in the bus, train, while I go for a walk, and even when I am at home. I can’t stand the silence. I am afraid of silence.

What kind of music? It fully depends on my mood. The music I listen to always reflects how I feel. Generally, I prefer something heavy, particularly, industrial metal. There are modes, when I am totally addicted to the 80s music. I love the melody and authenticity of those times. I also like soul music for being so deep. Sometimes, I listen to trans and house. Of course, I was hooked on Latino music, when I lived in Portugal.

Clearly, not every song resonates with me. I fall for the melody and meaning. I always listen to the lyrics. If I hear something, which reflects how I feel, the song goes on repeat.

What kind of music do you listen to? How do you pick up the songs for your playlist?

18 thoughts on “Music is My Everything

  1. Music to me is like breathing air – I love having it on in the background all day long. What type? Pretty much everything except country, free-form jazz, and rap. If it has a tune I can whistle or hum to, then I’ll generally enjoy it.

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  2. I love classical, folk, swing and jazz and all sorts, but only indoors. I have never got into having my ears plugged into music, podcasts or whatever it is people listen to when they’re out jogging. But in the kitchen or doing housework I like something lively to energise me! Sitting relaxing I enjoy something a little deeper.

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  3. we need a playlist for all times of our life, don’t we? I have such an eclectic taste and, as you say, it depends on my mood, on where I am, or even if I want to achieve something. Classical music is preferential for reading, for work I like lo’fi, sometimes, to unwind and relax, dream wave , indie. And rock when I’m hitting the road and feeling I could take on the world!

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  4. I don’t have much time at the moment to listen to much music. I need to concentrate on work rather than singing or whistling along, but louder, heavier stuff has helped with housework. I do tend to listen to much older music now, things from my younger days and older. I have no time for the up to date popular stuff which rams our charts with tuneless sameness. But music is a very personal thing. Everyone gets something different out of it.

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