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You Can’t Write

This is a story from my early childhood. I was around 3 years old. In those times, we didn’t have smart phones and computers were a luxury. This meant that my parents wrote letters to my grandparents. Sometimes it took months for a letter to deliver, since the post was not a fast service either.

Anyway, I remember my mother sitting and writing a letter to my grandma. Once, I got really inspired by that and decided to compose a letter of my own. I took the paper and pen and did the work. I gave the concisely written text to my mom to be posted as well. She took the paper and promised to send it together with her letter.

In 3 days, I decided to write a new letter, since my life was full of interesting and fascinating events. Come on! How otherwise the life of a 3-year old can be!? I went through the same procedure as with the previous letter. I brought it to my mom and asked to send it.

What happened next, brought me to shock. My mom said that I can’t write!!!! WTF! I felt like my whole world crashed. I put so much effort and time to write the letter and it turned out I can’t!? You must be kidding, right!?

You might wonder what writing technic I used back than. Easy! I imitated writing, line after a line, of course making space between the ‘words’ and putting stops at the end of the sentence. While writing, I thought of things which I want to share. Thus, I put my thoughts into the ‘text’, which meant that my grandma can get my thoughts and emotions through the written characters. 😌

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