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Russian Vs. Finnish Hairdressers

One cultural experience which I wanted to share already for a long time – hairdressers.

Living in Russia, I got used to the particular way. I always had long hair, and I always wanted to keep them long. I hated the visit to the hairdresser because my goal was to cut off 1-2 centimetres of old damage hair. Instead, they usually cut of 6-7 centimetres, which is pretty noticeable. I was angry!!! Hairdressers always found the explanation – your hair is damaged 6-7 centimetres, so I took it away.

Seriously!? If a client asks for 1-2 centimetres off, then you should do it. Yes, you can give your professional advice, but the final decision is the one of the client, not yours!

I tried many hairdressers, but the results was the same. Overtime, I got used to it and I was aware that I will loose 6-7 centimetres. It became a norm. Moreover, colouring was also an issue. I always needed to go through the fight to get the color I wanted. Hairdressers told me that my hair will be damaged by colouring, or this colour doesn’t suit me, or there is another colour I should try.

When I moved to Finland, I needed to adjust to the local way of handling customers. On my first visit to the hairdresser, I wanted to cut off 6-7 centimetres. So, I said to the hairdresser to take out 1-2 centimetres. The lady said, yes, sure. Can you imagine how cheated I felt when she cut off only 1-2 centimetres? Such a disappointment! It took me awhile to learn that Finnish hairdressers do what you ask them to do.

10 thoughts on “Russian Vs. Finnish Hairdressers

  1. I hope you don’t mind this but I actually got a bit of a laugh about your story. It is the same here in the US. You can never get what you want and if you do you have fought with your hair dresser. At least now perhaps you can look forward to getting what you are paying for, which is never cheap. Love to you and best wishes, Joni

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    1. It is frustrating that you can get the level of service you are paying for. Luckily, I have found my hair dresser! Thank you for your kind wishes! All the best to you too 🙂


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