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Secret Life of Socks

I am not a cleaning frick, yet, I consider myself as a neat person. My things are categorised and easy to find. This means that I hardly ever can find something missing or in a wrong place.

Just before Christmas, I decided to go through stuff and throw away unnecessary things. I found that there are several socks which lack the pair. How did it happen? A sock cannot go with water from the washing machine. There are no used single socks in the basket. I have not many corners to hide in the apartment. How did they escape? These socks just vanished!

15 thoughts on “Secret Life of Socks

  1. Maybe the socks have crept into the yawning abysses of the laundry drum. Or the heat and the rotations separate the clothes and cause them to disappear into the wastewater hose. But the washing machine is not always the culprit: some hide away behind radiators, get slammed and jammed between furniture or just slide under your bed.

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