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Story about Cheese

I can’t say I am a big fan of cheeses like one of my friends who can’t spend a single day without a bite. Yet, I enjoy trying different flavours from time to time.

These days, we have all possible options in the shop, from cheap and simple to expensive and extravagant. Some have gentle and soft flavours and smells, while the other ones have strong flavours. Some can even smell like a dead body.

From this description, you can easily see that I am rather a novice in the field. Once this played against me. I bought a piece of a fancy cheese to try. I opened the package, and the specific aroma spread all over the apartment. Moreover, the cheese looked strange. Did it get spoiled or… did I miss the aristocratic knowledge on the cheese delicacy?

I googled as my friend recommended. No proper answer. So many beautiful empty words from experts and so little help to an ignorant person like me. I tasted a bit, strange again. In the end, I decided to throw it a way. Maybe I made a mistake, or maybe I saved myself from a severe food poisoning. 😌

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