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Day, 30. Challenge is Over

On August, 16, I decided to go for a 30-day blog marathon, while going through a terrible leg pain. The initial idea was to post every day, thus, the expected final day was September, 15.

Since things never go as planned, there were 2,5 months delay. Today is the final post, where I write some conclusions and general update, what I have been up to.

My leg recovery took way longer than I expected. Luckily, I am almost back to normal, which means that I can go for a short walk and visit a gym. This is very important for me because I am not that much out due to Corona. As follows, gym and walks are replacing most of the social events I had before. Being able to walk again is incredible feeling. It is such a simple and primitive thing, yet, you appreciate it fully only when you loose this ability. I remember how I took a 20-minute walk, how I felt my legs, feet, the pavement. I experienced through every single step that I took.

During these 3,5 months, I started a new short term work. Considering circumstances, I am extremely happy to have it even though it is about to end soon. In the days of major lay-offs, we need to be grateful for being employed.

Meeting people is rare, like for many of you. I got used to have 4-5 social gatherings per week, I was absolutely a social butterfly, who enjoyed the company of old friends and who was excited to meet new people. Current reality is different, and I am not sure if I manage it well.

Hobbywise, I also became more passive than before. Yet, I try to play the piano twice a week, read a book a couple of times a week, go for a coffee once a week, make blog posts twice a week.

All in all, I miss my old life. Yet, I feel like new possibilities are popping up. Some doors are closing, and new ones are opening. There is always a balance. Indeed, it is difficult to accept the changes, but after some time, these very changes will become a new routine.

Wish you a relaxing Sunday! ❤️

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