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Day, 29. Piano

I am not sure how old I was back then, 4-5 years old, I guess. Our neighbors had renovation in their apartment, and they stored their piano at our place for a couple of days. What a nice surprise for a preschool child! Big strange machine, which produces noise. Yes, this noise doesn’t make sense, but it is definitely exciting and entertaining.

Of course, I was supposed not to know about it because my parents forbid to touch the piano. Since the ‘machine’ was not ours, it required extra attention from parents to keep an eye on it.

Unfortunately for the current matter, my parents never left me alone. There were a few moments, when my mom could go to the piano neighbor and either give or pick up some food stuff (typical relations in Russia). This last probably 2-3 minutes.

This means that I had 2-3 minutes to commit a perfect crime – to pretend that I’m interested in my dolls in the other room, rush to the piano room and press as many keys and get as many sounds as possible, and return to my dolls as if nothing happened. Yes, it was only 2-3 minutes, but the joy was everlasting.

A couple of years ago, I confessed to my mom that I was a bad girl and ‘played’ the piano. Surprise, surprise! My mom replied that she knew about it. Moreover, the neighbors (owners of the piano) also knew it because the noise was pretty immense… 😁

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