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Day 28. Ville Valo

Today is the birthday of my favourite Finnish man – Ville Valo, the front man of the band – HIM.

I was 16, when I heard them for the first time. The song was the Funeral of Hearts, which is their best song in my opinion. I was not into rock before, but this very song and this very band made the switch. Immediately, I wanted to listen to the other songs by the band. And needless to say that the posters of Ville Valo were all over my room. He was my type 😁

This band made me learn about other Finnish bands such as Apocalyptica, Nightwish, Amorphis. That was the point when I got interested in the country, which had created such great artists – Finland. Finland became my dream, which eventually came true. In some way, I can say that Ville brought me to Finland and made me speak Finnish, the most difficult European language. Just another interesting life turn, isn’t it?

In 2013, I saw HIM twice, on Ruisrock – The big Finnish rock fest, and Helldone – the new year HIM concert. Both live performances were excellent, great music and great voice. It felt like another dream came true after many years.

Happy birthday, Ville! ❤️

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