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Day 26. Flight Attendant

As you have guessed from the title, the topic is related to a flight attendant today. No, I have never been a flight attendant, but I almost went for it in November, 2016.

It was November, 2016. I was overwhelmed with so many things, and I was hardly happy about anything. You know, there are those moments in life, when everything is stuck. It was exactly like that. I talked about that with my friend, who worked in a really nice air company. He was so happy, visited many countries, and met interesting people. Exactly the opposite from me.

And he asked, have you ever thought of being a flight attendant? Yes, I have, I replied. Indeed, I had this thought in my head. I strongly associate flying with freedom, unsettled, but fascinating life, adventures…

My friend kindly provided me with requirements and application instructions. Everything was ready for the application, but I got scared and didn’t pursue the new career.

In different moments of life, I have either positive or negative attitude to my final decision not to apply. Maybe it was the perfect career for me and I escaped my dream? Or would I be totally lost now, when many air companies are at bankruptcy? Maybe I saved myself from blaming for quitting the ‘regular’ job for unclear perspectives?

How interesting the life path is! How difficult it is to make the right decision? Or does the right decision ever exist?

17 thoughts on “Day 26. Flight Attendant

  1. I think it is a process my friend. One can do many things in a lifetime. You are very young or at least you look extremely young to me. I believe everything happens for a reason. I did several things during my career and got additional education along the way so I could qualify to do the work. I think our priorities also change and make us want to do other things. You have lots of time. You have obviously done very well with your blogging and it isn’t easy so I would say you have been quite successful at that all ready. Good for you. I hope you have a wonderful week. Love Joni

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Joni! I agree that our interests and priorities change over time. I am so impressed with your desire to develop and educate yourself.
      Have a wonderful week, too! 🌹

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      1. I think you can be anything you set your mind to be my friend. I agree with your other follower there is nothing wrong with trying different things but you can also change your mind or add to what you can do and use those skills in other positions. Best of luck to you my friend. Keep writing, you are good at it. Have an amazing Sunday and great week. Love, hugs and blessings. Joni

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  2. We can never know what would have been – how many different variations – I certainly know I picked wrong career choices, but what would I have done instead? I don’t think flight attendant would be as exciting as people might think. Whatever you do in life you can always change direction – there are always other possibilities.

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    1. Agree! We never know what is the right choice, and when we learn, it’s rather too late. Being flight attendant is demanding, but has positive sides (not this year though). Thank you for kind words! I hope I’ll see those possibilities.

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  3. I often think of what ifs. I actually was a flight attendant and before that I worked in other aviation jobs, altogether for over a decade, and it was great. Well, just as Andy says above, great except for 2020!!! I’m very happy I’m not in tourism or customer service anymore, getting exposed to the virus at work or fearing for my job. Does your friend still fly or did he lose his job, I wonder?
    Anyway, it really was a dream job for me and most of the others doing it. And I think you should definitely pursue your dreams – but also listen to your gut. If you had a feeling saying no, then it’s good you listened to it. You’ll find another dream. (I now dream of becoming an author)

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    1. Cool! That’s an interesting job, but demanding, switching time zones, little sleep, on the other hand – new countries and interesting people.
      My friend is on hold now, unfortunately, like most aviation employees…
      Author!? What kind of? What do you plan to write?

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  4. When we are meant to do something in life, the universe, whatever you want to call it, has a funny way of keep tossing it in our paths. Keep doing what you love. Try not to think of what would’ve been. It doesn’t help. I know this! Continue with your little joys and doing what you love. Be curious. Sit with it but don’t wait too long before it disappears. Listen to your gut. And if you do miss out on that great opportunity, know that it will show up in your life again with other great possibilities. Be well, my friend.

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