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Day 25. Extreme Situations

These 2 years were tense, full of challenges, falls, and fails. Some of them were minor and hardly noticeable, while the others were immense. It is incredible and almost unbelievable what turns life can throw into your face, especially when you are ready the least. Once the pandora box is open, be prepared to the bunch of problems at the same time.

I have my insecurities and doubts, yet, I consider myself as a strong person. I have managed to solved all my problems in the past. Not just solve, but the outcomes were way better than the initial plan. I hardly worried, because I was sure that I’ll be fine.

This time, I am not sure any more. This may be just regular tiredness or the voice of intuition. The corona situation doesn’t make things easier at all. I do my best to arrange the ‘droppings’ of life in a nice and a smooth way. Either it is an absolute victory ahead or a total lost. I don’t know, I can’t predict.

December is the turning point. Will I find the solution? Or will the life eat me raw? This is a checkpoint for my inner strength, my values, knowledge. It is also the check for my surrounding. Do I have the right people next to me? Will they give me a hand or will they simply say ‘I’m sorry for you’? We are not that critical about people next to us, when we are doing fine. Everything changes when life throws us a challenge. Extreme situations are tough not only because they question our strength and abilities, but they also question the relationship with people next to us. And it makes me scared. Very. I am afraid to experience back turn of my close ones. On the other hand, do I need someone, who won’t give me a hand?

I am scared and curious, what December will bring me. There is still time for things to sort out. If not, big losses now may bring big victories later. In the end, on the bottom of Pandora box, there was a hope.

Stay safe! ❤️

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