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Day 19. Me No Baker

I love cooking, and my speciality is meat dishes. I love experimenting with different tastes, combining new ingredients. I feel more than confident. Even if I am not that happy with the result, food still ends up tasty.

And things are just the opposite when it comes to baking. I am simply not capable. I managed to learn one cake, and it is my speciality now. Whenever I feel like saying to some one ‘I like you’, I cook that cake. It always succeeds, and my affection is accepted. The rest is doomed. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, things just do not work out. I discussed this with a friend of mine. He replied: ‘Just follow the recipe guidelines. It’s easy’. Oh, my dear friend, are you sure?

Last weekend, I cooked the Polish cake ‘Karpatka’. At least, I intended, what came out was a total disaster. I simply had to throw away the final product. I am definitely done with baking. At least, for a while. 😁😐🤨

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