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Day 15. Mongolia

No, I have never been to Mongolia. This is the country I dream to visit, and now it is the perfect time to dream about traveling in general.

So, what is so special about that place?

1. Mystery. Only think about it, how many news have you heard about Mongolia? How many TV shows have mentioned this country? Exactly! In the era of technology and free information, we hardly know anything about Mongolia.

2. Authenticity. I watch every program about this country, if I can find it. It looks like, Mongolia is a rather reserved and authentic place. They respectfully keep up with their unique traditions and lifestyle: nomad life, cattle, yurtas.

3. Time-limit. As far as I heard, Mongolians are rather new to the Internet. This has good and bad sides. On one hand, we will see more pictures and videos from this marvelous country. On the other, gradually, international trends will take over, and the country might go away from its traditions, being tempted to be ‘like others’.

4. Landscapes. The pictures from Mongolia are breathtaking. Deserts look so different in summer and winter, and the temperature difference is significant.

5. Food. From the documentary I watched, the food is heavy and meaty in Mongolia. Such a gastronomic choice is determined by the climate. In winter, it can be a proper minus. As I absolutely love fat food and meat in particular, it is the right place to go and experience the local cuisine.

Where would you like to go? What is your dream place?

21 thoughts on “Day 15. Mongolia

  1. I’d like to go to Patagonia since I love the wild spaces and beauty I’ve seen. I know the climate is quick to change and treacherous, but it would be worth it to take the risk. Sadly, from what I’ve heard, it has already suffered from many changes when it became popularized by the beautiful photos captured and shared from there- much like your concern for Mongolia. But I still dream of going someday.

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    1. Thanks for sharing! I have heard about Patagonia a lot, but no visual images in my head. I have just googled it. Looks impressive! I understand your choice. And now, I’ll add that place to my wish list, too 🙂

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  2. My dream country? For both of us (Spouse and me) England. And we are gathering our bones together to move back there, hopefully soon.

    New Zealand is nice enough, but it just isn’t home. (Yes, I know that everything changes—I even posted somewhere that “If you haven’t been there (anywhere, these days) for ten year then effectively you haven’t been there”. The statement was never challenged …

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    1. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to either New Zealand or England yet. Both places sound equally appealing to me, and one day I’ll make it. The feeling of home is very important! This is what I am struggling with. I still need to find the place, which gives me the home feeling. But the closest I got so far is Portugal.

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      1. Interesting … other than continental / island, Portugal is effectively the antipode of New Zealand (but they have culture there … all we have is rugby—AND the world’s best sailors, and the world’s best inventors, and the world’s best nuclear scientists, and the world’s best everything else.

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  3. My dream place? Well, it has to be two places – France and Patagonia as above. Why?

    For many years now, we watch the Tour de France race. The town’s they go through are all so beautiful. They are like story books. And the countryside is so varied and so incredibly beautiful.

    Patagonia is just so exotic looking. This is a place I want to visit and explore. France is a place I may want to possibly live if I leave the US – no longer the country it used to be.

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  4. i dont know if i still have a dream country per se. Ukraine has interested me for a long time now, parts of Africa – Rwanda for example, Congo perhaps. Mongolia I went to in 2017. I did find my few days there very rewarding! hopefully you can get there some day soon. hopefully we can all travel again soon!

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  5. I enjoyed your post. My husband and I traveled to Finland last August after singing in Prague. Finland had long been on my bucket list. My husband has not been to Norway and would like to some day. Have you become a citizen of Finland? Travel is the best education. Learning languages, peoples and cultures makes a more tolerant individual. Happy travels.

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