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Day 12. Post about Finnish Culture

I was sure that I have already shared this post. However, I found it in my drafts. As I have just celebrated 11 years in Finland, I think this post will suit the place perfectly well. Here is my subjective opinion about the country I live:

When I am travelling outside Finland, people ask me about Finnish people often. Like I have already mentioned in one of the posts, the Finnish society is individualistic. This means that Finns are very independent, very! They manage well on their own, and they would ask for help in rare cases. In its turn, if you ask a Finn for a help, they are eager to give you a hand.

Finland is also famous for the small talk, or better to say – it’s absence. It is not typical to talk to a stanger, which I always forget coming back from a southern European country; however, taxi drivers will be happy to have a conversation with you.

Respect for the privacy/private space. This is absolutely my favourite cultural trait! No one will ask you anything private, no one will dig out what is on your mind and how you feel if you don’t want to share. People do respect privacy. This is quite different from the Russian culture, where (not always of course!) a person sitting next to you in the train wants to know whom you are dating, how much money you earn, and actually s/he’s like your best friend, well, at least during the trip. 😄

Queueing in Finland, which happens very seldom, is very organised, and, again, no one interferes into your private space. Being organised, it’s another quality to describe Finnish people.

Everything is in order and everything works. Yes, things can break and get damaged by natural causes. In this case, a cheerful guy who clearly loves his job will come and fix the problem. I remember my oven got broken. The very next day the electrician fixed it. Beside doing his work, the man gave me detailed instructions how to take a good care of my new oven. He also checked my pans and bowls where I cooked. It turned out that the bottom of the dishes do affect the oven. It was a truly interesting lesson by a motivated lecturer!