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Days 6-8. Food.

Yes, I was away from social media for 2 days. I had a break because I really wanted to stay away from my computer and phone as much as it was possible. Now, I am a little bit refreshed and I am prepared for a new post.

The topic of the today’s post is food. I will write about the cuisines and types of food I like most. I will also discuss why I don’t follow the recipes when I cook.

I don’t have any particular order for favourite cuisines. So, I’ll start with something, which is the closest to me:

1. Slavic cuisine. Here, I refer to the Russian, Polish, and Czech cuisines. I must admit that this type of food is not for everyone. The food is usually fatty and heavy with a large number of meat dishes (pork in particular). But this is what I absolutely love.

2. Mediterranean cuisine. I want to highlight the Greek cuisine in particular with its marvellous seasoning and amount of sea food.

3. Japanese cuisine. Sushi… ๐Ÿ˜‹

I am a total meat lover, which explains my preference to the Slavic cuisine. At the same time, I truly enjoy sea food and fish, which justifies my choice of Mediterranean and Japanese meals.

I love cooking myself. I prefer to devote weekends to the time-consuming dishes. They are usually tastier, and I enjoy slow cooking. For me, this is the form of meditation and self-love. I extremely seldom follow online recipes. They all look good and picturesque, but I always find a couple of rare ingredients in the list, which are difficult to find. It usually sounds like: Take a chicken, lemon, pepper, potato… Add an egg of a dinosaur, droppings of unicorn, and spice it with dried rainbow. Of course, I am exaggerating, but I am sure you have gotten my point.

I want to wish you a nice Sunday! ๐ŸŒž

10 thoughts on “Days 6-8. Food.

  1. Of simple tastes myself.
    I used to appreciate good food and cuisine but was too far ahead in what was a “Meat-and-two-veg” nation. So I adjusted, and later so did the nation … now I’m a chicken-salad-every-night basic person.
    Desserts? Fergedaboudit … and my weight has stayed constant for more than thirty years at 170 pounds. I’ve buried a lot of my friends … good food, Miss Elenka, simply cooked.

    But occasionally, break out~!


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