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Day 2. Plants.

I was afraid that I will have too much free time and die from boredom, but only now (23.00) I finished all the stuff I have planned for today. I am extremely happy about it because I get anxious from doing nothing.

The idea for today’s blog post came yesterday, when I was placing the picture for the previous post. I put flowers because I wanted to have something nice and pleasant. My relationship with flowers and plants in general has always been close. There is some special connection, or better to say there is a mutual love. I had flowers since I was 13 or 14. I grew huge plants from a single leaf. I took the soil from the street because there were no money to buy proper one. Yet, my plants never complained and they grew big and strong. When I moved to Finland, I couldn’t resist my passion. Eventually, I bought many plants, which make me happy every day.

Last year, I cut regular cherry tomatoes (from supermarket) into pieces. I put those pieces into the pot. Guess what? In a couple of weeks, I had baby tomato plants. To tell you more, I have been watering the same pot this year as I temporarily kept another plant there. After a couple of weeks, the remaining tomato seeds popped up. πŸ…

Fun fact… I didn’t want to study languages like my parents pushed me to. I wanted to be a landscape designer, taking care of people’s garden’s…

12 thoughts on “Day 2. Plants.

  1. So I presume you cut the seeds as well, not just flesh of the tomatoes. Wow! Well done. My son-in-law has some large tomato plants and he regularly gives us fresh tomatoes and they taste better than supermarket ones!

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