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Blogging Challenge. Day 1. Intro.

My blogging was on and off for the last 3 years. There were moments of being extremely active, and there were moments when I was silent. As my mobility is rather limited at this point (old injury kicked back), I am literally suffering from boredom. Being an active person, training a lot, walking 2 hours per day, meeting friends, I cannot handle well isolation and limited mobility. So, I need to entertain myself. I have decided to go for a 30 day blogging challenge (hopefully, I don’t need to be in doors that long!!!). I have a zero plan what I will write about. I don’t have a structure, I don’t have a story. So far, the idea is to write about what I eat, what I think on each day, maybe some memories will pop up to save me from blank mind. Some days, I will just post pictures. Thus, there will be both surface and deep writing.

I don’t have any goal with my writing either. I guess I have never been that purposeless in my blogging career. Yet, being spontaneous and unpredictable can also give some freedom and inspiration. Let’s get it started!

Day 1. The day is just starting, so I don’t know what it will bring. I have already made some plans even if it is Sunday. I belong to the category of people who like structures and plans. Sunday is typically a hobby day. I finally have time to do some small things for myself. Some of you may ask, why to plan or structure a day off/hobby activities. I find it necessary because this very structure assures that I don’t get to lazy or even push away my hobbies. Also, making a list of all nice things the day before increases my motivation and energy level. Hobby day is a form of self-love and self-care after a long and challenging week.

I plan to read some Swedish text to keep up my Swedish language skills. On Sundays, I usually have culinary days. Finally, I have time to cook something special and time consuming. Sunday is also a piano day, but not today though. Instead, I want to challenge myself to make a YouTube video for my language blog. This is totally out of the comfort zone. Being in front of camera and talk to myself is not easy, and for sure I’ll try to get away from it like I did for the past year… 😄

How do you usually spend Sundays?

17 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge. Day 1. Intro.

  1. During lockdown, when Christine gets bored, she bakes. Since we’re both Weight Watching, that’s not good and weights tend to go up. Our Sunday highlight is usually seeing my brother Rodney and sister-in-law Wendy at Windlebridge Tea Rooms near Guisborough in North Yorkshire for tea, coffee and snacks.

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  2. Blogito, ergo sum …

    At last, Miss Elenka—a chance to blog the world with a clear conscience.
    Go get ’em, Tiger!


  3. For me Sundays are days to wake up a bit late by 7am (I get up early usually) and nearly two hours of morning tea sitting with the family and exchanging notes, catching up on missed messages and phone calls that have ben pending during the week.

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  4. I have been really busy with work and not spending much time blogging as well. But I saw your post, and I always enjoy your blog.

    Sundays? There is no structure for my Sundays. I try hard not to work. If I can get free time, I like to drive my car, or work on my photography. It is also a chore day, usually things outside these days like working in our pastures. Well, thanks for the post, and get healed. 🙂

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