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‘Excellent’ Service on Malta

Some memories popped up, and I want to share them with you. I often write about my trips in a very positive way as if it is a fairy tale, where everyone is kind, sweet, and helpful. Just the world of unicorns, princesses, and cute dragons, isn’t it? Let’s be objective, reality always has two sides, and I prefer to focus on the positive one because: 1. I want to anchor good experiences, 2. I don’t like to complain.

I absolutely loved Malta, I fell in love with its history, culture, and architecture. I loved the climate and amazing sea views. The whole atmosphere was amazing. Yet, once I confronted a bad quality service in a restaurant. Actually, it was the worst restaurant experience in my life. Though, I have to admit, the story is hilarious, and I would definitely laughed at it if this happened to someone else.

So, what happened? With a colleague, we were searching for a place to have a dinner. There was a small square with 3 or 4 restaurants. We checked the menus in each of them, and they all looked appealing. That’s why we chose the place randomly. We made an order and got a glass of great white wine, sitting on the terrace. In 20 minutes, we got our fishes to enjoy. The food was absolutely awesome, the fish was definitely freshly caught. What could possibly go wrong? 😁

Just after 10 minutes as we got our fishes, the restaurant workers started to pack everything around us. It was obvious they were closing, and they did not inform us on that beforehand. Yet, we tried to be optimistic that we can finish the dinner in peace. Naive were we. In 5 minutes, they asked us to pay, which was more than fine. We did and continued with the meal. In 10 minutes, they just closed the doors of the restaurant and switched off the lights on the terrace. Restaurants workers told us to leave the dishes by the door, and they just went away… Meanwhile, the other restaurants remained open…

It was quite an experience, after which, I will always ask till what time the restaurant is open.

15 thoughts on “‘Excellent’ Service on Malta

  1. Try this. I once ordered food at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. After a long wait for the food, the waiter presented me with a check for a meal that never arrived. Turns out he was “high.”

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    1. That’s annoying. I understand that everyone can make a mistake and that the job of a waiter is overwhelming during rush hours, but this case is something else…


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