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Why do people blog?

I continue my ‘philosophical’ series by speculating why we actually blog. My day was not that productive, not much done and achieved. After some struggles, I thought ‘Damn it, I gonna do something nice for myself, something I really like and enjoy.’

And here I am writing a blog about blogging. I like expressing myself, what is on my mind, what I think. Sometimes, the posts are well-thought and well-structured. Sometimes, just some lazy random stuff. In the end, why not? 🙂 I like sharing what is on my mind, then to discuss it with the commenters (though, I am not fast with replying).

When I had the series ’90s in Russia’, some of my friends were truly shocked with particular experiences from my childhood. They simply knew nothing about that, till they read those stories here. No, there is nothing secret about it, I just didn’t feel comfortable talking about the past. I also should say that I feel much braver to write here than speaking out to the people around me. Interestingly, I might be more ‘me’ in my blogs than I am in real life. No, I don’t try to impress others or to be better than I am. I think this is just a fear of being judged, a fear of not belonging to the crowd, although I am surrounded by nice and understanding people.

Recently, I have talked to my friend who also blogs from time to time. For her, blogging is the way to socialize with people from far away. Another friend of mine has a more profit-oriented approach. There are people who actually have something to tell to the world, who motivate others. Our motives and roles online are as different as they are in real life. Many of us start blogging out of curiosity, but often there are also motives, which we might not fully realize.

So my friends, why do you blog? 🙂

P.S. I hope you can comment now, as there were some issues with it previously.

33 thoughts on “Why do people blog?

  1. Interesting topic. Sometimes I’m really tired but feel compelled to blog and then wonder why? Is working on a text really what relaxes me? I guess so!!! What does that say about me? No idea! 😂 But I think mostly I’m like you. I like to let the thoughts pour and see what kind of post it turns out to be

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  2. I started this blogging milarky as a way of recording what I’d been up to. I used to keep a journal to write up my travels, visits to exhibitions and walks, but an online diary where I could post my recollections and photos, with a search facility to make it easy to relocate my posts, seemed like a good idea. Overthe years, though I’ve made connections with a few people and so the social aspect has also become a pleasurable aspect of blogging. WordPress is particular good for that.

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  3. I’ve been blogging since 2010. Back then wordpress ran several challenges to encourgage bloggers and there was a real sense of community – I made lots of friends across the world. I dropped out of blogging for a few years and when I returned the scene had changed. In many ways less personal/community and more commercialized as more and more people want to earn a buck from their blog.

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  4. Honestly, I blog to share something with people, the good stuff that I enjoyed – whether it’s a book, music, nice food, poetry, sports etc. About the poetry, this is a space where I can share my own creations with the world, but also some amazing poets, especially Romanian, I dared to translate some of their poems in English so that many people who love poetry can find joy in them.
    About your life in the ’90’s, for me it wasn’t a shock in any way, as we also experienced most of them.
    It’s good that there are so many bloggers and reasons to blog, it makes things more interesting.

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  5. the blog for me is a repository of memory where I keep my adventures on a bicycle and walking. it is also an opportunity to share with the world, there is always someone who can be inspired or just collect some information about the trails

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  6. We started our blog to share our stories and photos from our 2 year trip. The more we blogged it became more about sharing the stories of the places we’ve been to more than just our friends. It’s a great way to see the world and ideas.

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  7. I don’t blog to make money from it, I blog for me. I always wanted to be a writer and try to pin myself down to the discipline of creating content which I do now, even though it turned in the direction of sharing my adventures with photographs. I enjoy connecting with the wider world.

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    1. Jill:
      Me too. I love the veneer of anonymity that allows candour, although I try very hard to never knowingly hurt or offend (unless some absolute turkey truly deserves it!).

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  8. I’ve been blogging since 2002, and the reason has varied since then. Initially, it was a way of keeping friends and family in touch with my travels. Later it became a way of documenting my life on a daily basis as a bit of my own “mental feedback”. Now it’s a bit of a record of my life so I can remember things when I get older!! Social media fulfils a lot of these desires, but I find blogging to be a more thoughtful process than a simple tweet.

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    1. It is natural to blog for different reasons at different times of life. I so much agree that it is rather sophisticated way to document your life, accompanying it with photos and text, going to old post to see where you were mentally and physically. Thanks for sharing!


    1. There are no right or wrong answers here! It’s all about expressing your personal motivation to share your thoughts, trips, life events with others! And I like your addition as keeping busy. There are indeed moments, which are needed to be filled. Blogging is a constructive way to fill in the gap.


  9. I blog as a journal of sorts and I enjoy writing. I also love reading other people’s blogs as it’s an opportunity for a different perspective on life and I just like to learn!

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    1. That’s a nice point of view. Indeed, people from different corners of the world may have different perspectives on life. They can give us a hint of something we didn’t notice.


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