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I Became an Aunt

As there is not much to share in terms of trips for understandable reasons, I have decided to make a post about a particular life occasion.

At the beginning of this month, my brother got his first child. This event has literally changed the status of everyone in our family. My brother became a father, my parents became grandparents, and I became an aunt. This is definitely a life changing experience, to which none of us has adjusted yet.

My brother lives in Russia, and I am located in Finland. I have not met my nephew yet, but I have seen his pictures. How do I feel about it? Strange! I have a storm of thoughts running in my head. My younger brother is now an adult. Well, he has already been for some time, but it has never really crossed my mind, I haven’t realized it till now. He is not that young anymore. Somehow, when I was living my life, my brother got ‘old’, got married, and got a baby. While my life was very slow (as it always seems as others ‘grow’ faster than you), he has been ‘aging’.

My parents are now officially the third generation, they are now grandparents. Isn’t it strange? Although it is a natural process of life everyone goes through, it just so difficult to accept that the time flies crazily fast.

Despite this status confusion, I am extremely happy for my brother. I am sure he will be a great father and raise a great son. ❤️