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Longer Days

In Finland, there is a significant difference in amount of light in winters and in summers. I can manage through cold days without any problems, but lack of light is another story. It affects me, and not in a positive way. I am usually in a low energy mode, and my mood is not that delightful. How do you manage winter days and lack of light?

Everything changes at the end of March, beginning of April. The sun stays longer. The light is on already at 7 a.m., and the evenings are simply gorgeous. This is probably the best time for those, who enjoy sunsets. The sky is full of pleasant colours.

In addition to longer days and more light, we had the warmest day this year. It was +12 °C. Spring!

Here are some pictures, that I have recently taken:

By the way, do you prefer watching sunsets or sunrises?

26 thoughts on “Longer Days

  1. beautiful skies! I especially like the middle pic, with the shimmering effect. Nicely captured. Being from Michigan in the American Midwest, I completely understand about the lack of light effect. Our days are not as short as yours in higher latitudes, but low pressure systems are constant–the result, lots of gray.

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  2. We’re a little bit south of you here in the north of Scotland (level with Denmark and the very southern tip of Sweden. I’m with you. I much prefer the Spring and Summer. If I was wealthy (I’m not), I think I would go for a second home nearer to the equator. That said, Sweden is a beautiful country.

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  3. For myself, sunsets can often be (seem?) more attractive and colourful but sunrises; aaaah~!

    There we often have the world to ourselves, all the glorious colour we can eat and no pesky persons intruding “OOOOH! Look! What a lovely sunrise etc etc etc” …

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  4. I like watching both. If I do have to pick, I like sunset more. I prefer staying still and watch it goes completely dark. Whereas for sunrise, I don’t like waking up early for it and often I get impatience once the sun is up to get going.

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  5. Nice pics! I agree with you. I’t not the cold, but the darkness. I am so full of energy already now and it’s just April. I will be totally hyper by Midsummer 😀

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