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The Russian Superstition I always Follow

This weekend I am in our lovely capital – Helsinki. I really love the city, and it is a pleasure to visit this place over and over again. No need to say, I want to come back as soon as I have a chance. But how can I do that?

Here is the particular Russian superstition I follow. No, there is no science behind it, and I truly doubt it will ever be. Yet, I do that every time when I leave the place I want to come back to. I sit down before living the flat, the hotel room, etc. As Russians say ‘Посидеть на дорожку’ or ‘to sit down for the trip’. Do I believe it myself? Hardly, nevertheless, this is the thing I always do. It is more of a habit, which comes from childhood. I remember, how my mom was forcing us to sit down for a moment before we set off. Since then, this departure ritual is deep in my travel activities.

Do you have any interesting habits or superstitions you follow?

Enjoy the weekend, my friends! 🤗

11 thoughts on “The Russian Superstition I always Follow

  1. I like it~!

    Unlike many, if I love a place and wish to return I always look back at it, smile, and tip it a nod of the head with a wink.

    Sometimes it works …

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  2. i have a small routine i my head i go through when i am on a flight – basically I say to myself ‘I wanna get off’
    im not a huge fan of flying. well, actually I am much better than I used to be. i dont mind it these days. but still i think this in my head..

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