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Music and Movies in 90s Russia

Here is the last but one post on the 90s Russia. 90s definitely brought a lot of diversity in all possible senses of this word. I don’t think I am able to fit even 1/100 in this post, yet, there will be some overview on music and movies.

First, let’s have a flash back to the USSR times. No secret that in the Soviet Union, there was a particular censorship in music and movies. There was a committee, which was checking each song and each movie on the political appropriateness. Many things were forbidden, yet, the songs were beautifully sung by wonderful voices. Movies were kind and educational, though sometimes indoctrinating.

Everything became possible since December, 18, 1991. Before, only few people could sing as they had to have relevant music education and a great voice. Now, anyone was able to sing even if some better not… As there were many new unskilful singers, lip sync became widely used. Very often these new pop stars were lovers of criminals and businessmen. The powerful men could afford shooting videos and creating a particular image to their women. To compensate bad singing skills, ladies had short skirts and stunning appearance.

Clearly, there were truly talented people on the stage. They were so popular that several dubblicate teams/singers were created. Sounds complicated, right? Not really, there was one real and several fake singers, using the same lip sync, under the same name on tour. There were no Internet at that point, so hardly anyone could guess what was going on.

Movies. Movies always reflect the epoch when they are shot. The topics of the Russian movies were crimes, tough life, hopes for a better future. Probably, the two iconic movies of that time are “Brat”/Брат (Brother) from 1998 by Alexey Balabanov and “Vse budet horosho”/ Всё будет хорошо (Everything will be fine!) from 1996 by Dmitriy Astrakhan. You can always check YouTube for trailers if you are interested.

Of course, the 90s were the era of American movies, which finally were allowed. My favourite was the one from 80s – Robocop 😁🙈 what was interesting is that the movies were dubbed (as they still are). Usually, it was the same voice for all the characters. That ‘voice’ was male with a pin on his nose, so that the voice won’t be recognised. Why so? The answer is simple, those movies were hardly legally purchased.

21 thoughts on “Music and Movies in 90s Russia

  1. You provide a great insight, Miss Elenka. Very much appreciated. Russians seem warm and good people, even if badly led at times. But that is a problem everyone has … stay warm, and have a GREAT Christmas and New Year!

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  2. Would love to know more about Russia and what to see if I ever get there. The history is great and Russian thinkers throughout history have made major contributions to the world. Some of the literature and poetry I have especially liked.

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      1. Russian thought and philosophy too… some great chess masters and some great writers, even if they didn’t make it through 1917.
        Thanks for writing these. Not content often discussed here in Australia. Much appreciated

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      2. Under the culture and history, I meant people as well. People make history, either good or bad. People write books, either interesting or not. People create theories, either valuable or not.

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