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Russia in 90s. Introduction.

Hello everyone!

How did the autumn start?

As most of you expressed interest towards my memories of growing up in the 90s Russia, I am starting a series of posts related to this topic. Here are the issues I will write about:

– frauds

– crime

– music

– food

– playground and toys

– transportation

As you can see, these are different things I want to share with you. If you have any questions or you want to hear about other aspects, please, leave your ideas and questions in the comment section. If there is a significant number of questions, I will make a Q&A video on my YouTube channel.

As the upcoming posts are based on my memories, they are clearly not objective as you probably want them to be. On the other hand, I invite you to travel back in time to my childhood and see things around me exactly like I saw them.

But why have I decided to write about Russia in 90s in the first place?

It was 2014, and I came up with the particular topics for the conversational course in Russian (I am a Russian teacher), the topics which are likely to be interesting to many people. I decided to talk about shopping habits, the importance of looking good, face control, driving style, traditional and modern dishes, big and small cities in Russia, and of course Russia in 90s. Somehow, the last topics was especially interesting for my students and me. I had a lot to tell and to show.

I was always ashamed of my childhood experience. I thought I was marked with this shame till the end of my life. However, we should always turn our weaknesses to our strengths, and there are some stories on the way.

18 thoughts on “Russia in 90s. Introduction.

  1. Ashamed of your childhood experience? If it’s something that you’ve done, we all do such … but it’s now in the past; live, learn, and move on.

    But if it’s circumstances—then quite beyond your control, no? No responsibility, no guilt.

    Shame is like guilt: only feel it for when it is something that YOU have done. And if you earned that guilt, resolve never to earn it that way again … and move on. Excelsior …

    (Clue: there’s no way that anyone could ever now make me feel guilty for something I haven’t done. So even if my great grandfather was Jack The Ripper … I wouldn’t brag about it, but I also wouldn’t be ashamed for it.)

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