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Archipelago, Finland. Part 2.

And here comes the second and final part of the archipelago trip pictures.

First of all, considering rainy week before, it was luck to have the sun and light clouds during the trip.

Another pleasant thing is staying over night in a cottage in a rather isolated area. However, it caused me some troubles as I am a classical city girl. Local inhabitants – deer and rabbits – were around, and they could pass by any moment. I was hardly prepared for the meeting, so do they. I don’t even know who of us was scared more.

All in all, it was a nice and relaxing get away.

15 thoughts on “Archipelago, Finland. Part 2.

  1. Lovely colours, lovely settings, and lovely captures, Miss Elenka.
    Unless in the mating season you shan’t have much to fear from deer—in New Zealand at least they are very very timid.
    Rabbits are cute and pretty (ok, totally) harmless. Also very timid in NZ, but in Britain we found the bunnies pretty approachable, un-shy, and if you ‘ignored’ them they’d come very close if you kept still.

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    1. Here too! Both deer and rabbits are very shy, and they would prefer not to be seen. Seriously? How sweet! British rabbits are that brave? Here in Finland, squirrels can steal your food if you let them too close (on a picnic).

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      1. Seriously … but for good reason; here in NZ deer and rabbits are very much treated as vermin. (I know where there are some rabbits living in Queens Park in town but as far as I’m concerned it’s a well kept secret and will stay that way.)

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