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Turku Archipelago, Finland

If you ask me what is my favourite place in Finland, I will reply Lapland and Turku Archipelago. This post is about the Archipelago next to Turku. For all those, who love water surroundings, it is a perfect place to spend a weekend and rest from the city noise. In some places, the Internet connection is hardly on, which allows to unchain and detoxicate from the phone disease.

The Archipelago Islands are connected either with bridges or mostly free of charge ferries. In the summer season, you can have a round trip, which is called ‘Rengastie’ in Finnish. In other time, some of the ferries do not function, which makes it impossible to ‘make a circle’ though the islands. This was the issue I faced in October. Despite that, the trip was pure joy.

Finnish people will tell you that the best time to enjoy the Archipelago is summer. I personally prefer mid-autumn, when the trees turn yellow, red, and brown. Though, this all-season-photogenic place is beautiful, no matter when you travel there.

17 thoughts on “Turku Archipelago, Finland

  1. Thank you Elena. I visited Turku four times in the 1975 when I was serving in the Merchant Navy. Sailing through the archipelago to the port was wonderful. Also as the port was close to the archipelago I would go for walks on the closest island (Ruissalo?). But I also liked to visit the castle, the cathedral and the museum village (Luisstarinmaki or something like that – it is a long time ago). I still have a brochure from the cathedral with Psalm 84 inside, which is my favourite Psalm.

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