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Rauma, Finland

Thank you everyone for the support regarding the previous post. I will be happy to tell you more about 90s Russia. I’ll start that series in September, and before that I am accomplishing what I have already promised – my trips. This post is about a small cosy town – Rauma, which is located in Finland.

The population of Rauma is slightly less than 40,000 people, who have own dialect. The town is famous for ‘Old Rauma’ area, the old wooden houses protected by UNESCO.

Although the area is rather small, the atmosphere is wonderful. You basically travel a couple of centuries back, passing by wooden buildings and stepping on the stone pavement.

The other place of interest is the Church of Holy Cross, estimatedly founded in the 15th century (at least first wooden building). Unfortunately, it was closed, and I did not have a chance to enjoy the interior.

And I have to share this picture with you:

From further away, I was sure those was brave Finnish ladies taking a swim on a cold autumn day. However, I was very surprised to see that it was an ironic statue, which definitely improves the mood of town visitors.

You can see everything in half a day, yet, there is a special welcoming atmosphere, which will make you stay longer.

22 thoughts on “Rauma, Finland

  1. Come on, now, Miss Elenka! You haven’t mentioned the local edibles …
    … as a young man the local beer was always a priority, followed by ‘items of interest’ as recommended by guidebooks (but out-of-hours, if I could). My personal priority when I could separate myself from any companions was to check the areas not quite so popular, which included cemeteries, off the map shops, and private suburbs—how people actually live, in fact.

    I love your posts, please don’t stop—keep on taking zillions of photos (I certainly wish I’d taken more) (no digitals in those days …) and building memories~!

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    1. Absolutely agree, but it is probably more for bigger places, when the real life of people is hidden by spectacular sightseeing spots. Rauma is so tiny, that you can walk through all the spots within half a day, seeing both the places of attraction and observing the life of locals. Indeed! Pictures are easy to take nowadays, and it is important to do to remember even small moments of life.

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