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Venice. Part 2.

… So I ordered half-raw and half-desolved rice risotto with old sea food. It was a strange porridge, which resemble the one in the 90s Russia in kindergartens and schools, without seafood food though. Yes, it was terrible, I took a couple of bites, and put it aside. The waiter asked if I liked the dish. I honestly replied that I didn’t. Do you know what? He was really surprised about it 😮 😂

Later for a dinner, I stopped at a small restaurant outside of the main roads, and it was a good decision. Finally, I could taste a proper Italian meal! It was seafood spaghetti. ❤


Continuing the topic of food, the next day I decided to have a pizza for lunch. I am generally not a pizza fan, but come on! Being in Italy and not having a pizza? I chose a restaurant in a small street, where majority of the customers were Italians. This is a good sign that the food is tasty! And it was! It was probably the best pizza in my life.

While I was waiting for my order, I was observing what was going on around. There were some local dogs, running in near by cafes and restaurants asking tourists for a snack. Those dogs looked very professional in dealing with tourists, and they got their rewards easily.

Another interesting aspect in Italy, or Venice to be precise is local male individuals who are searching for the overnight communication with female tourists. They appear from nowhere, telling you complements and offering a free tour. They will look at you like you are one on a million and you finally met your prince. Great actor skills! So bad I am not that naive and open-minded. There is nothing wrong about it, but it is simply not my way of learning the local culture. 😏

22 thoughts on “Venice. Part 2.

  1. Love your posts, and this time especially the way you describe the dogs—I get the feeling they are consummate professionals! (And very good at it too …)

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  2. Super photos. Did you get a Gondola ride? We finally got one on my Birthday and it was magical. Yes, the food there is amazing and we found several great places to eat. Christine and I didn’t notice the dogs or local males! Very colourful addition to the story!


  3. Hi, such gorgeous photos and a great story, I really feel like I am there. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel and Italy would be my first choice!


  4. This is interesting! I’m from Finland and I’ve seen that people are dressing lightly if it’s summer and very warm if it’s autumn no matter what’s the weather. Specially young boys are dressing very lightly compared to others (season to season) and old lady’s are dressing most warm. That’s what I’ve been wondering a lot. I understand that summer is short here and people want to take the best of it but I don’t get it why at autumn people are dressing more warm even if it’s summery. That’s so funny! 😂

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    1. So true! 😂 but autumn and winter are cold, so it’s all according to the logic! 😁 regarding old ladies, it’s the same in all the countries I visited. They tend to have more warm clothes.


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