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Italy, Venice. Part 1.

Time to tell you about Venice. I won’t go here with the information about sightseeing, which you can easily access on the Internet. Instead, I will tell you about my emotions and experiences.

I had only 1,5 day in Venice to enjoy the place. I booked the hotel in the area, called Mestre as it was way cheaper than in Venice. There is a good train connection, which is affordable (if I remember correctly 1,75 euro one way) and fast – 15 minutes or so.


I went to the hotel, left my luggage, and arrived at the city. I was in Venice at the end September, and the city was extremely crowded with tourists. I don’t think I have ever seen a place where there were more visitors than local, at least on the main streets.

Pretty fast, one of my misconceptions was broken. Venice is not just water, there are normal streets as well, and there are buses. For some reason, I thought the only transport available is a boat. Likely, I got this ‘knowledge’ from movies, where main characters arrive at some nice hotel by boat or they chase each other, being on a boat.

I also heard that Venice has not a nice smell. I asked about it from my neighbour in plane, who was a local. He explained to me that it fully depends on the amount of water. When there is more water, different water inhabitants attach themselves to the houses and bridges. Then, the water goes away, and they get rotten, and this is when you can experience particular aroma. I was lucky as there were no smell, which could distract me from sightseeing.

I needed to eat, and I stopped at one restaurant. I was in Italy before, and I have to warn you. No, you shouldn’t stop at any random place and expect food being good. There are a number of places which serve a terrible quality food. Clearly, it is for tourists, who will never come back. I am sure local people know the right places, so you should ask for advice where to have a lunch or a dinner. This way, you will enjoy the legendary Italian cuisine. Because that particular time, I didn’t…. 😬

Next time, I will write about my food experience, local dogs, and Italian men trying to approach female tourists.

30 thoughts on “Italy, Venice. Part 1.

    1. Thank you! This is what you get in a highly touristic place. This is something to be aware of, so you can find a great restaurant and enjoy the local cuisine!


    1. 😁 well, there are definitely boats and history. I just wanted to tell something different from what you can find on the Internet.


  1. Excellent images. I thought back years ago when I visited Venice. I only had a day to look around but really enjoyed walking between the narrow roadways, seeing the waterways, lifestyle and looking at the vendor displays. I can’t remember eating in Venice though. I did eat in Florence after realizing everyone was closed for their lunch. πŸ™‚


  2. Ahhh…..Venice, La Serenissima. A beautiful city, visited 4 times in the last decade and planning to go again soon. The warm evening strolls thru the parks, and darker coves have always been very pleasant. Not to mention some of the best gelato 🍧we had in Italy.

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  3. Thanks for reminding me of Venice which is a favourite of mine, although I haven’t been for a while, and must go again. Painted there often, it’s so beautiful. Sadly being spoilt by cruise ships I believe

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