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Season Outfits: Finland and Portugal.

Clearly, there are general fashion trends all over the world, and there are related local tendencies. Though my post relates to outfits, it has nothing to do with fashion. Instead, I want to tell you about some interesting aspects regarding dressing habits in Finland and Portugal, driven by the climate factor. Needless to say, the temperature in Finland and Portugal differs significantly, and it affects the understanding of what ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ is. Here are the things, which surprised me (from South-Russian perspective).

Finland. Finnish people are cold-resistant, and they are never scared of low temperatures. Finnish summers are not that hot, and there are days with around only +13 degrees CΒ°. For me, this is cold, and I usually put on a jacket and scarf. Interestingly, people in Finland have the same outfit as if it is +20 degrees, and they wear shorts T-shirts, and sandals. At some point, I asked my Finnish friend about this. He kindly provided the logical answer: “It is summer, you need to dress like it is summer”.

Portugal. Portuguese winters are mild with around +11-13 degrees CΒ°. My first visit to Portugal was at the end of November, and I was lucky with the weather back then, it was +20 degrees! Understandably, I took summer dresses, ballerinas, and a light trench coat, as it is summer according to Finnish standards. The locals were quite shocked by my summery look, and I was shocked back by theirs. People were wearing winter coats and boots, almost everyone had a warm scarf. I can continue the logic of my friend here by saying that in winter, you dress like it is winter…

How do you dress in winters and in summers? Are you cold resistant?

P. S. On the pictures +18 degrees, Finland. I do need a jacket! ☺

18 thoughts on “Season Outfits: Finland and Portugal.

  1. Ha,ha, that’s a funny story. I guess it all depends on what you’re used to. I live in Ohio, where summers are hot and winters are cold, so my clothes for the different seasons sound like they’d be the same as yours.

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  2. Where I live is almost precisely midway between equator and south pole. Our antipode places us just offshore Portugal; but the sea that surrounds us does well to even out any extremes … no wonder I can relate to your beach shots~!

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      1. That makes it hard to drink, I tell you … and I keep tripping over all the rotten penguins underfoot β€” we really need some more polar bears down here … but the aurora makes up for it!

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  3. Its jeans all year round for me, even when I’ve been on holiday in Spain or Italy. My friends think I’m mad. At the moment in the northern UK, rumour has it that temperatures may hit 20 this week so I may risk going to work without my coat.

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