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Lucky Ticket

This is an unplanned writing inspired by the ticket I accidentally found in my purse.

In different countries, there are different superstitions, created by children. I will tell you about the one, which we had in Russia. This superstition is about lucky ticket. First of all, let me show you how a ticket for tram and trolleybus looks like in Russia:

As you can see, there are 6 numbers, but what makes the ticket lucky? You count the sum of first 3 numbers and separately the sum of the last 3. If these sums are equal, the ticket is lucky. Unfortunately, the example ticket is not, if you did the math.

OK, lets imagine, it is a lucky ticket, and what? The legend (who knows from where it came from) says, you need to make a wish and eat the lucky ticket. Yes, eat. It is expected that the wish will come true some day. At least we believed in it.

I always wanted to get a lucky ticket, and I had it several times in my hands; however, I did not eat it for hygiene reasons. I should admit there are moments in my life when I seriously think I should have eaten the ticket… 😌

Did you have any interesting superstitions or rituals in childhood?

19 thoughts on “Lucky Ticket

  1. That is a lovely little story, thank you so much for sharing. There used to be rhymes about who you might marry according to the number of stones, plums or cherries, that you might have for dessert. I have written a lot about other traditions, but not really thought too much about children’s traditions.

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  2. How interesting about actually eating a paper ticket. People in the UK might have instead used the 6 numbers to put on a lottery ticket. Going back to food though, I don’t like leaving a knife and fork crossed on an empty plate.

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  3. “Step on a crack, you marry a rat!” Not easy to not step on a crack, I tell you … (and no, she isn’t a rat. Far from itβ€”

    β€”horrors! She steps on cracks, often~!

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