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Piran, Slovenia

Piran is a cosy town, not far from Koper. Piran has the population of around 4000 people, and the town is famous for its medieval architecture. Unfortunately, I had too little time to discover the history of the place, so I will write about my rather modest impressions on the town.

We went to Piran from Koper by car. Although it was not a long way, GPS made it an adventure. We got lost on the way, turning to wrong directions. Interestingly, navigation does not always work how you expect it to work. I often had similar problems in Portugal, roaming around the target building, while the system was showing me ‘the parallel universe’.

We arrived at the town of Piran, when sunset was taking over. Probably, it was the best moment to be when having a short visit. The sun was reflecting in the warm waters of Adreatic Sea, and the town seemed to enjoy eternal peacefulness, the luxury, which large cities will never have.

Now I know the perfect escape place, when the burden of city noise will become unbearable, when stress and tiredness will seem incopable. I will come here, where no one knows me, and I will swim in the gentle sea, cheered by Slovenian sun. 🌝

7 thoughts on “Piran, Slovenia

  1. Good morning. What a nice adventure. I admire your good attitude. Travel requires it because there are always surprises, and sometimes they come from your AI guide. Cheers!


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