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Arriving at Koper

Finally, the post about lovely Slovenia!

Before my trip to Slovenia, all my knowledge on the country was limited to the 2 facts. I basically knew that Ljubljana is its capital and that I will likely understand the local language due to its similarity to Russian. I was curious about Slovenia; however, I cannot say that it was on my bucket list for near future. Luckily, circumstances brought me to Koper.

Koper is a bilingual city (with the Slovenian and Italian languages), located close to Italy, Trieste. It was a discovery for me that the Italian language has an official status in the city. Nevertheless, it makes sense as the distance between Koper and Trieste (Italy) is around 23 km. Only! The population of Koper is 25 000 people, and it is the fifth largest city in the country.

I arrived at Koper in the evening, checked in the hotel, and went for a short walk. The first thing which I payed attention to – the politeness of drivers. I travelled much around Europe and I can say that the most careful and polite drivers live in Koper (of course, it is my subjective opinion 😊).

The other pleasant moment is the SEA. I easily fall for cities, located by the water. Being situated by the warm Adreatic sea, Koper conquered my heart even before I had a chance to explore the place…

After a short walk, I ended up in the local restaurant to enjoy my Slovenian dinner. At that moment, I spent almost 5 months in Portugal, eating seafood, which was great. However, I started missing the Slavic cuisine and I was craving for ‘our’ food. I checked the menue, which nicely combined the Mediterranean and Slavic dishes. I ordered a meat stew with dumplings and a beer… 😍 I do regret that modern technologies are still not able to share tastes and smells… My dinner was absolutely amazing!

Tired but happy, I headed to the hotel…

Next post will be devoted to the historic place of Koper – Titov trg or Tito Square.

11 thoughts on “Arriving at Koper

  1. Yeah! So good to hear all this, about your joy in my country of origin. Looking forward to your next posts! (Just the last part made me smile: It’s Tito, not Tuto. Possibly you are two young to remember him, famous Marshall Tito, the leader of Yugoslavia up to his death in 1980. He navigated our mixed country between east and west quite successfully.)

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