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Conclusions on Malta

This is the last post of Malta, and I want to summarise all my experiences and impressions.

First of all, I am always very careful with my expectations regarding new places. However, it was not the case with Malta. I was already overexcited with the place just from seeing pictures. I felt that the country will be the right one for me and I will fell in love with it. No surprise, reality and my expectations coincided. I enjoyed discovering historical places and swimming in the sea. The sea is another passion of mine. As I am from the Black Sea area, I can’t live without ‘water’. I like the view of by-sea cities and towns, and I would definitely go for a swim if it is warm. Needless to say, the water was very warm and gentle on Malta!

Despite the fact that I spent much time in the southern countries and I know that you must be careful with the sun, I still got in trouble. At some point I didn’t not get enough water and I spent too long under the sun. This resulted in dehydration and weakness. Remember drink water and mind the sun!

Food was not the best when it comes to meat. On tje opposite, if you prefer seafood, you are safe. Seafood is superfresh, which makes dishes taste great!

I do regret that I haven’t seen many towns on Malta, but this will be my motivation to come to this lovely island again.

Pictures from my Instagram

6 thoughts on “Conclusions on Malta

  1. Hah! Stare at those feet long enough and the swirls above become a magpie or vultures about to investigate your toes … great shots, Miss Elenka!!

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