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Who Am I? Identification Through Places. Portugal. Part 2

In 2017, I came to Portugal for a longer time. I was not a tourist anymore, I was building a life – my studies, gym, friends, groceries – in a new place. Yes, new because I’ve never lived in Portugal. Staying in the country longer than 2 week was an interesting and controversial experience. Though I felt ready for Portugal, yet I faced a cultural shock with positive and negative sides. I was surrounded by friendly talkative people, which was a big difference from the place I lived before. Small talk was everywhere. Everyone was politely curious about me. I had support from all the corners, and my friends helped me to cope with problems which occur no matter where you live. I was not anymore on my own.

Yet, I was very closed. After 2 months in the country, I still was not sure if I made the right choice to come there. There were down moments and unpleasant discoveries; however, it all normalised in the end.

Gradually, I got a proper routine -studies, trips, ocean, gym, going-outs. Surprisingly, I had time for everything, the quality which I learned from Portuguese people. I became a proactive and confident person. I learned a lot, something you can never acquire at the university, but living in a different country…

Do you have experience in a different country? How did it feel? What did you like about it? And what was shockingly bad? And where would you go to for a month or two?

4 thoughts on “Who Am I? Identification Through Places. Portugal. Part 2

  1. Haha! Slovenia? Really? Most welcome! I’m Slovenian but live in Tuscany now. Just yesterday was my sixth anniversary here. I love it what you say about the skin and hair. I love the sea for this reason too but am no beach bunny. It’s too hot around here and no shade. I’m not as active here as I’d like to be because my amore is Italian and here automobilism in the national sport. πŸ˜€ Also, there is just too much yummy food so I’ve gained lots of weight. Other than that, all is just perfect. I wish you to reach Slovenia soon. πŸ™‚ There is so much variety there for such a small country. Happy spring!


    1. Yes! I really lived the country though people are that smiley like in any other Slavic country πŸ˜„I loved food, sun, nature, sea! 😍 Italy is lovely, but for some reason I didn’t fall into it like I did in Portugal, Slovenia, and Malta. Happy to hear you have good life in Italy! πŸ™‚

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  2. I lived in England for over 4 years, where I found English and Americans were two peoples separated by a common language. Still, I enjoyed it. I visited Moscow, St. Petersburg, and many European countries and cities. I like the similarities as well as the differences in people. How boring if we all had the same customs and cultures. I’ve been to Paris many times but wouldn’t mind living there awhile because of its central location and melting pot bigness.

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