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The Best Place in Portugal

And this is where my count down ends. The place which absolutely stole my heart is Ilha Deserta, an island near Faro. The island feels isolated if you go away from the main beach. You can find the post where you can stay in private with your thoughts and simply enjoy the gentle touch of warm ocean under the blue blue sky. You are in paradise, you are so close to nature, you are nature… ❀

21 thoughts on “The Best Place in Portugal

      1. I’m Russian, but live in Finland. It is a very beautiful place in winter, summer, and early autumn! The rest of the time it’s raining and/or just cold πŸ™‚


      2. Oh wow! Sorry for the assumption. Nevertheless, your posts are beautiful, and I always enjoy your writing. Russia is so huge and diverse. I suppose in a lot of ways like America, although so many here these days think we are “special”. Anyway, happy blogging to you Elena. Thanks for letting me know. 😊

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      3. No worries at all! I was not really expressive about my origin. America is special like any other place in its own way! Hope to travel there some day and see many wonderful things with my own eyes! πŸ™‚


      4. We have a very beautiful country with great diversity. Unfortunately, today with our political climate, some things are not as they could be. But you would enjoy the travel. 😊

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      5. If you look back to the history of basically most countries, there were hardly good political climate. We should focus on other important things. I am sure I’ll love US!


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